Woodworking factory

NIKO woodworking factory was founded in 2000. In 2001 the special project was launched in the factory to produce the larch wood products: outdoor goods, window beams and the furniture board.

There is a complete woodworking cycle in the enterprise: from sawing and drying and up to the finished production. All facilities in the factory are made in Germany. We work only with larch (about all advantages of this tree see in the section About Larch).

Our production has no defects in the wood (knots, resin pockets, cracks), allowing to manufacture the products of high quality. The constructions are distinguished by high functional performance, because they are made of the glued material by gluing scantlings and lathes with an appropriate cut (radial or semi-radial). We use the high-quality, ecologically pure, moisture-proof glue, which meets the requirements of D4 gluing specifications. The glued material products have especially strong and shape retaining features. When gluing, the wood stress is removed, and this prevents any cracking in future. The layer of the hardened glue is moisture-proof and ultraviolet radiation resistant; it prevents any cracking inside the glue joint during the maintenance and machining process.

Among our products are the glued window beams for eurowindows we supply to Europe. The quality of all products meets the requirements of GOST (all-Union State Standard) 30972-2002. The final stage of woodworking production includes the industrial varnishing by high pressure machines.

Our special line of activity is the production of garden pavilions, pergolas, arches for climbing plants and other small architectural structures for the country house design

Today we offer a wide variety of small architectural structures you can see in our portfolio. All products presented in the catalog are manufactured according to the individual orders.

You can see our products also in the permanent exhibition, which takes place in Tri Kita shopping mall (Mozhajsky road, 2 km form MKAD, near the Vse dlja doma household shops entrance). We produce any larch constructions according to our catalog or according to your own designs.

Put your attention: we allow using our images in print and in Internet resources, but only if the link towww.dozniko.ruweb-site is attached. If our conditions are violated, we reserve the right to take legal actions against you.

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